Thursday, February 18, 2010


WITH the ongoing furore involving TV anchor Esther Arungaand saxophonist Joseph Hellon, people seem to miss out on the connecting link between the various scenarios: a publicity-hungry musician known to many as Quincy Timberlake, formerly known as Fizzle Dogg. He is right in the middle of most of the news hitting incidences that have been happening to both Hellon and Esther.

Quincy is a half cast of a Kenyan father and a South African mother. He has been a childhood friend with Hellon before they reunited in November 2009 via Facebook.

Since then, he has been living with Hellon at his (Hellon's) Runda residence.

Word Is learnt of the connection between the three through a series of emails and chats that are in our possession that shed light into the twisted dealings that led to the drama and scandal involving the three. The emails and chat sessions, which Hellon and Esther believe originated from a famous televangelist, had instructions for both of them said to be from God.

The first set of instructions demanded that Hellon promotes Quincy to a senior pastor at his Finger of God church. This led to disagreement with some members of the church and leaders, leading to a mass walkout from the church on February 11.

The second set of instructions, still from the reknown international 'miracle working' pastor, again directed at Hellon, asked that he record a single track with Quincy, which was done on February 10. The track, a Luo lingala song, was titled Ariembariemba\ (meaning 'I'm Expelling Them'). This is also the same day that Hellon's wife changed her name from Wagikuyu to Vineyard, which means "yard of sweet protection that no evil sees". On the same day as well, during a chat session with the televangelist, Hellon asks for advice on what Esther should do.

He wrote: "All the serpents are gone now and as you can see, my daughter Esther is seated at my table looking beautiful and happy. Dad, I feel she shouldn't go back to KTN and I have told her already. Kindly advice."

The reply to this was: "Tell Esther to go nowhere. That girl loves Quincy no doubt about

Instructions then started trickling in for the TV personality.

On February 12, Esther had a one-on-one chat with the spiritual leader whom they refer to as their dad. Here she tells the leader that she has disowned the family.

She then asks if God wills it for Quincy to be her husband. And the answer she gets? "Only Apostle Hellon got the keys to his (Quincy) command. HE listens to nobody else, as for now Apostle Hellon should not let him know he is gonna be your husband."

With this you get the feeling that something is not right. As of now, there are no services at the Finger Of God Church because the faithful are on a 100-day fast beginning February 11, because the televangelist based in the US ordered it.

We are yet to get confirmation from the US if indeed the said televangelist is part of this scandal. We will definitely keep you posted about the unfolding drama. Or is it the biggest con

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