Friday, February 19, 2010

Zuena gets Chinese Herbs For Bebe Cool's Balls

Zuena Kirema is panicking after she was told that Bebe Cool may become impotent and has resorted to Chinese juju………sorry…er herbs to make sure that does not happen. Word from Zuena’s close pals is that she learnt from a certain physician in Mbuya that the bullet wounds that Bebe sustained just inches away from his balls could render him impotent.
During an interview with Bebe Cool last week, he informed us that his doctors had told him he won’t be able to bonk for around three months but it looks like the situation is worse than we had earlier thought. Zuena is looking for the drugs which will cost her a whooping Shs2m. This is not the first time that Zuena is resorting to traditional options –shortly after Bebe’s shooting; we were told she had consulted a famous local orthopaedic in Kireka commonly known as Balibawo. Meanwhile, we are told the Bogolako star Bebe Cool collapsed two times during rehersals.He wanted to be fit so as to perfom at the Basima Agenze concert at KCC grounds. We can’t wait to see him on stage

                                                                                                                        ZUENA AND BEBE COOL

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