Friday, February 19, 2010


The so called finger of God church" (FINGER OF HELL ON) " has grown steadily especially this year 2010.
The member's are mostly Kenyan celebs who are suspected to be;Esther Arunga, Debbie Asila,Sheila Mwandada,Lilian Kanene,Big Kev,Angela Ndambuki and many other media personalities.

The hell broke loose when one of the female church member  leaked some vital information to one of the youth pastor about what happens in Hellon's house.she accused Hellon of engaging in sexual acts with the female church members.The youth pastor then informed Malaba about the issue and since then Esther was in Hellon's runda home.Malaba called Esther and they had a lengthy conversation requesting her to leave the house immidiately.Since that day Malaba and 2 more members including the youth pastor.

                       suspected     Threesome church couple

Hellon sent Malaba Text messages, which read: Benny Hinn and I have been talking and the Lord has revealed these things through our talks. Your wedding is nullified. You can’t fight against the Lord and succeed!
Another read: You are hereby banned from church and from our compound. Breach of this will lead to your arrest. Watch out for the Lord has found you out and is now fighting you himself! You sacrificed my boy last year but one. You have a wife in South B with 2 kids. You’ve spoken to Zahra so as to sacrifice Esther through a road accident. You’ve been demanding for sex from Esther. You have her logbook. You’ve been asking her to demand 500k that she put in people music and to sell her shares to you at the spa!

Esther is alleged to have since changed her name to Veronica Hellon.
Another former church Member interviewed by Paparazzi  alleges that the church have more secrets than what is on the press now. she promised to give more details on the practices of the church.

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